June Through September

The thrill of catching - and even seeing - a big shark brings thousands of anglers out to deep waters year after year. The process is much different than light tackle fishing and can often include a waiting period as the crew chums up the water and attracts the sharks to the boat. Since we only go off shore if conditions and recent reports bode well, it is a good bet that we will see action.

The two main species swimming near Nantucket are Blue and Mako Sharks. While shark fishing can be hot or cold, the sheer number of Blue Sharks around Nantucket creates great odds of encountering several of these eating machines - at times, there have been dozens circling our boat. Blue Sharks can range from 3 to 10 feet and give an amazing fight.

Mako on hanging bone closethumbThe real thrill of shark fishing on Nantucket is the potential for hooking into a Mako Shark. These fish are revered among fishermen as incredibly fast and powerful. Swimming in excess of 45 mph, they have been seen jumping upwards of 30 feet in the air. Fighting a Mako Shark ranks among the top in terms of excitement, and you will never forget being a part of catching one.

While over fishing has taken its toll on Sharks worldwide, we have had great success finding Makos in our waters over the past two seasons. As with Striped Bass, we are devoted to raising awareness towards preserving these amazing fish. Please take some time to visit some of these links to learn more (will have links to shark conservation orgs).

Mako sharks have earned a reputation as a wonderful eating fish, and many hold this quality as their primary motivation for catching one. We strongly emphasize their incredible beauty and dominance as one of the top predators in the sea. If you ask us, the reason to catch a Mako is the unforgettable excitement that accompanies hooking into one. To see one of these creatures jump so high that you have to look up to see it is truly an unbeatable experience.

Captain Tom's Charters has committed itself to strictly catch and release shark fishing. We do not feel this lessens the value of the experience, and our clients will tell you themselves that after catching and releasing such an impressive animal, they are thankful to have let it swim away and breed again.