Capt Nat Reeder

Capt Nat personifies what Capt Tom himself has stood for since his own passion for fishing and people led him to chartering in 1970. Nat is a hard working family man whose passion for the Ocean and people make it hard to imagine him doing anything else. Throughout his life, his fishing experience has grown beyond the dreams of most anglers. From the small ponds on Nantucket to the high peaks of New Zealand to the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, Capt Nat Reeder is always full of fishing knowledge and an entertaining story or two.

Whether fishing Great Point at sunrise for bass, catching shark off the beach in Wauwinet, chasing bluefish off the South Shore, or fly-fishing with his dad in Maine, Nat always had a passion for fishing. Knowing that he loved fishing, Nat knew he wanted to be involved in the business of fishing early in his career. As a teenager he worked several summers with Bill Pew at Bill Fisher Tackle. Here he learned about fishing equipment and met many good fishermen. After several seasons in the shop, Nat found that he had missed being on the water.

He became a striker for Capt. Tom in 1983 and worked with Capt. Tom for six years. Capt. Tom and Nat became close friends and business colleagues. Nat learned how to handle boats, learned the waters off the west end of this Island and he found that he really enjoyed being with people, teaching them how to fish and showing them the beauty that surrounds Nantucket.

After traveling around the country, Nat returned to Nantucket and became an insurance broker with Nantucket Insurance. He found that he missed fishing. So, in 1996 he received his captain's license and joined Capt. Tom to form Capt. Tom's Charters. He is able to balance his time between insurance and fishing and has become a very important member of Capt. Tom's team. Nat is an excellent boatsman, a great fisherman, knows the water, and truly loves showing people some of the wonders of Nantucket. He is a natural teacher; both novice and expert alike enjoy their time with Nat.

He recently had his third child with his wife Leslie. Leslie and the children are often heard calling Capt Nat on the water from their house- Camp Miacomet.