Early Morning Fishing Trips

capttom6Enjoy unforgettable fishing and be home for breakfast!

There is something very special about fishing before, during, or just after sunrise. Some of our earliest trips actually seem like night trips until the horizon begins to glow as dawn approaches.

Our charter times change daily with the changing tides, and some of our days start as early as 3 am. The latest mornings will begin at 8 am before starting all over again roughly every week. An early morning trip includes any trip that begins before or during sunrise. These times are not for everyb ody, but the lucky few whom have been on the water while the sun breaks the horizon may be hooked for life.

Beyond the thrill of starting the day in the dark with a group of fishing buddies and the beauty of pre-dawn, the fishing itself can be unbeatable. Specifically with Striped Bass, because Bass are extraordinarily active in these low-light situations. Pre-dawn fishing gives anglers the opportunity to go after these fish when they are the most active and other fishermen are still in their beds. And after the trip, you still have an entire day ahead of you.

By the time August rolls around, these early morning tides are by far your best bet for catching stripers. With the water getting warmer, daytime Bass fishing - other than on the flats - slows significantly, and most of our mid day charters target species that are at their peak such as, Bluefish, Bonita, and Bluefin Tuna.

Whether you're fishing early because of a busy schedule or an appreciation for early morning fishing, we look forward to starting the day with you and some bent rods.