roccus close upRoccus is an 18' Maritime Skiff equipped with everything an angler would need to fish the flats and other shallow water options. Capt Tom had the desk customized to accommodate our clients perfectly. The entire bow is raised for stability and flush for tangle free fly-lines. There is also an extra perch for increase visibility for those who wish to use it. The stern has comfortable seating for two anglers and a possibility for a third if necessary Ð though we strongly recommend limiting your group to two if you want to explore the flats.

From the elevated poling platform above the engine, the captain will maneuver Roccus throughout the flats and shorelines of the West End in search for the many stripers that crowd our waters.or a better idea of fishing the flats, please follow the link to our flats page.

Roccus has higher sides than traditional flats boats, and this feature is critical for her success in Nantucket. During our season, we often encounter inclement weather that forces us off of the flats. Unlike in many fishing locations, Nantucket offers great fishing in most conditions. With the versatility and range Roccus gives us, we can put our anglers on fish in various conditions.

Consistent with our cancellation policy, we will never force any fishing trip. Our goal is your enjoyment. We've been doing this long enough that we know when to go out and when to stay in. Beyond the obvious concern for safety, we will consider group dynamics and the conditions to decide when stay off the water.

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