Purple Water / Priscilla J. - Big Boats

Both Priscilla J. and Purple Water are custom made, thirty foot Crosby Hawks. They are both unique and very impressive. The minute you step aboard, you will feel the security of an 8 ton boat and enjoy the space allowed by their 12 ft beam. Capt Tom had the Priscilla J. built in 1980. After fishing Nantucket's West end for 10 years, he knew exactly what was needed. Though many of the vessel's strengths are noticed mainly by the captain, anglers always enjoy the stability and open space these boats offer. Their stability combined with a shallow draft allows us to fish waters well out of reach of other boats.

Capt Tom acquired Purple Water in the mid 90s and spent an off-season working on the topside to fit the needs of our water and our anglers. We are very happy to have 2 of only 6 of these hulls ever built. They are both great boats that can accommodate any group, but feel free to request one or the other if you have a preference.

Both boats can carry up to 6 anglers comfortably with up to 4 rods fishing at once. The wide beam and open deck area offer great fishing space. We use both fly and spinning gear on board and can easily use both at the same time if your group has mixed fishing preferences.

They offer great platforms for any groups the hard-core fishers, first timers, or families with small children. You have to step aboard to appreciate just how seaworthy these boats are.

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